Parent Leadership Opportunities in 4-H

Today's 4-H member may not live in a traditional two parent family.  The term parent is intended to refer to the adult supporting a child's participation in 4-H, school, or community activities.  This could be a mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandparent, guardian, sibling, or another caring adult.

When you join 4-H you can expect your club leaders to:

  • Find answers to 4-H questions.
  • Distribute 4-H materials in a timely fasion.
  • Be courteous helpful, and respectful.
  • Provide an organized structure for club meetings and activities.
  • Help officers plan creative, fun meetings.
  • Assist members to learn leadership skills.
  • Encourage all members to set realistic goals and work toward completing them.
  • Be a positive role model.
  • Create an awareness of resources and opportunities available to 4-H members.
  • Reflect and celebrate successes, even small ones.

What is expected of your child:

  • Select at least one project.
  • Set goals for member's project(s) and make report on project to leader.
  • Attend at least 2/3 of club meetings (or number established by club)
  • Share his/her project experiences by giving a presentatoion or making an exhibit.

Families Role in 4-H Includes:

  • Encouraging participation in 4-H programs at the local and county level and to assist in the development of a 4-H member.
  • Support local and county 4-H program through time, talent, and financial support.
  • Work Cooperatively with other families and 4-H volunteers.
  • Participate in Parent-Volunteer trainign to enhance personal knowledge of 4-H.

If you are interested in moving beyond the supportive adult role, and want to become a 4-H leader, it is as simple as registering as an adult volunteer leader.   

As a registered Volunteer Leader you are required to:

  1. Pass a criminal and child maltreatment background check. (Cost of $11)
  2. Attend three trainings including:
    1. Mandated Reporter Training
    2. Arkansas 4-H Orientation
    3. Arkansas Chaperone Training
  3. Attend periodic specialized trainings as directed by your county agent.
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