AOS Summer Day Camps

AOS Summer Day Camps

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Kids need camp, now more than ever!  The freedom, fun, and individual growth of summer camp is so essential, especially this year.  Arkansas Outdoor School’s Summer Day Camp provides a week full of outdoor activities and theme-based programming aimed at developing the heads, hearts, hands, and health of our young campers. 

Camp is open to youth ages 8 - 15, and will run a full 8 weeks this summer, from June 7th - July 30th!  Each week will feature a specific theme, from wilderness skills and pioneer life to sports of all shapes and sizes.  Program activities will be based around each week's theme, and students will leave with new friends, new skills, and new experiences. 

We’ve spent our quarantine brainstorming, and are eager to share not only the traditional camp experiences with you, but programming you won’t see anywhere else, delivered with the quality and energy you have come to expect from AOS and 4-H!

We are located at the  C.A. Vines 4-H Center  in West Little Rock, with more than 220 acres of fields, forests, creeks, and a lake for summer fun.  See our camp schedule and session descriptions below to find out which camp is right for you!  

Registration is filling up quickly!  Please note that as guidelines are revisited in the next two months, we may have an opportunity to expand the enrollment for some camps.  If there is a camp you would like to attend, please make sure you are on the waiting list for those camps.  In the event we are able to expand enrollment, we will offer any new spots to those on the waiting list before opening them to the public.    


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Below is a description of the different camps as well as our pricing structure.  Every camp will include rock climbing, canoeing, archery, and swimming. 

Camp Sessions


Camp 1: June 7 - 11

Camp 2: June 14 - 18   

Camp 3: June 21 - 25

Camp 4: June 28 - July 2   

Camp 5: July 5 - 9

Camp 6: July 12 - 16

Camp 7: July 19 - 23

Camp 8: July 26 - 30


Outdoor Adventures Camp

 Teen Week -OR- Pioneer Camp

 Wilderness Skills Camp

 Science in Action Camp

 Outdoor Adventures Camp

 Teen Week -OR- Sports of All Sorts Camp

 Wilderness Skills Camp

 Greatest Hits Camp

We realize that families have differing abilities to meet the costs of our program, so AOS offers a three-tier pricing structure.  This is a voluntary system in which families have the freedom to pick the tier that is most affordable for them.  Paying higher tiers helps cover expenses so that more families can afford camp.  Of course, all campers will receive the same care and instruction, regardless of the price tier you choose. 

Tier 1:  This tier represents our historically subsidized rate and does not reflect the full operating cost of camp.

Tier 2: This tier represents a partially subsidized fee.

Tier 3: This tier more closely reflects the actual operating cost of a camp, including materials costs, staff salaries, and fees to the 4-H Center.  

  Standard Camp Hours Early Drop Off    
   9 am - 3:30 pm 7:30 am - 3:30 pm    
Tier 1   $220 $250    
Tier 2 $250 $290    
Tier 3 $300 $350    

*Our program does offer a $20 Multiple Camper Discount available for each child registered after the first. 

**COVID-19 Cancellations:  In the event Day Camp is canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you will be given the option of rescheduling, receiving a full refund, or donating to the program.  We hope you and your loved ones remain healthy through this difficult time.  

Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone just a little? Do you love the thrill of new and exciting experiences?  Well, we have a camp just for you!  Fast-paced, high-energy activities are the order of the day for this camp.  Rock climbing on our 40-foot outdoor tower, riding on a zip line through the trees, orienteering, geocaching, and canoe racing are just a few of the fun things we have in store for our campers.  Come have an adventure this summer!

Science in Action is all about investigating, discovering, exploring, and experimenting all session long.  We’ll show you how to use everyday items to answer questions such as, “Can you cook food using the sun’s power?” or “Can you make a rocket out of a 2 liter bottle?”  Add in our regular "core" activities of canoeing, rock climbing, and daily swim time, and you have a great opportunity to combine fun, friendship, and learning.

We are excited to offer a camp for 13-15 year olds who have "aged out" of the regular day camp program, but still want to have an engaging, fun, and active summer experience.  This camp will feature age-appropriate activities and challenges, including a full day in our ExCEL program.  Students will have the opportunity to do our high-ropes course, including the zipline, as well as climbing, canoeing, fishing, and archery.  Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity for your teenager to learn more about leadership.

Not just learning history, but living it! Campers will enter into the life of an early Arkansan, experiencing the daily routine of a pioneer and learning the skills necessary to settle an untamed land.  This course will be based out of our Pioneer Cabin where students will be learning how to create and build fires, cook on an open flame, make soap and candles, as well as other essential pioneer skills.  Don’t worry, we will still have the modern amenities of running water and electricity for some of those essential conveniences. 

This camp is more than just a walk in the park.  If you have ever wanted to learn how to backpack, build shelters, cook a meal over an open fire, or even how to survive in the wild, then this is the camp for you.  Experienced wilderness instructors will teach campers the tools and techniques for navigating, surviving, and thriving in the wilderness.  Include archery, animal identification, fishing, rock climbing, canoeing, and hiking for a wildly good time! 

Come play all day! Whether it’s Ultimate Frisbee, disc golf, kickball, water balloon volleyball, tennis, basketball, or other games from around the world, this camp emphasizes cooperation, sportsmanship, communication, and fitness. If you like to play sports and games of all kinds, then this is your kind of camp.

As our last camp of the season, we are bringing out the Greatest Hits!  Throughout the summer, we will ask every camper to vote for their favorite activities.  These fan favorites will be included in our Greatest Hits camp.  This camp  promises to be an awesome time, full of fun and adventure.  Come see which activities make the cut.

Two youth are actively climbing up a forty-foot rock climbing wall. One staff person on the ground supervises for safety.10 year old boy in AOS t-shirt kneeling next to a lake while holding a small fish.


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