Healthy Living

Healthy Living

About Arkansas 4-H Healthy Living

Head, Heart, Hands, and Health - healthy living is part of the 4-H program and identity. We believe that healthy habits begin in families and communities. We strive to equip young people with healthy living knowledge and skills to prepare them to meet today's challenges physically, emotionally, and socially. 4-H Healthy Living programs address issues including nutrition, fitness, substance abuse, safety and social and emotional wellness.

Healthy Living Programs and Resources

The 4th H Meeting Challenge (formerly called the Healthy Meeting Challenge) is a program that encourages clubs to make smarter eating and drinking choices. Clubs that choose to participate in this program, pledge to have healthy snack options and water each time they have a meeting.

Find out more about the 4th H Meeting Challenge!


Arkansas 4-H is very excited to announce a new Healthy Living program - the Arkansas 4-H Food Challenge!

This challenge will test 4-H member's ability to craft dishes based on a set list of ingredients. Be looking for more details about this exciting challenge very soon!

Healthy Living Projects

Foods and Nutrition projects help participants learn to make heathy food choices and to reducse the risk of illness and disease. Learning experiences center on nutrition, menu planning, and food buying. Food preparation techniques and food safety are also emphasized in this project area. 


Projects in Food Preservation and Food Safety involve participants in learning and applying scientific principles of safe food handling to prevent food borne illness. Participants also learn food preservation skills and methods. 


Health and Fitness projects focus on activities promoting healhty lifestyles and a healty self-image. Social, emotional, mental, and physical health are emphasized equally. Participants learn principles of nutrition and exercise as they relate to health, appearance, lifelong fitness, and wellness. 

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