Healthy Living

Healthy Living

About Arkansas 4-H Healthy Living

Head, Heart, Hands, and Health - healthy living is part of the 4-H program and identity. We believe that healthy habits begin in families and communities. We strive to equip young people with healthy living knowledge and skills to prepare them to meet today's challenges physically, emotionally, and socially. 4-H Healthy Living programs address issues including nutrition, fitness, substance abuse, safety and social and emotional wellness.

Healthy Living Programs and Resources

Arkansas 4-H Virtual 4k - Its racing season!!!

RACE RESULTS ARE IN - Click below to see how you placed!


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Arkansas 4-H has just the right social distancing 4-k race for you and your family. Starting Monday April 20th through Monday, May 4th join us for the first Arkansas 4-H Virtual 4k. This FREE event is open to EVERYONE. 1st ,2nd, & 3rd place for each age division will receive a custom 4-H Virtual 4k medal in the mail. FIRST STEP: Participant needs to walk/run 2.49 miles(using any tracking device/app)  SECOND STEP: Participant submits their time here with a picture of the tracking device/app and enter the additional information. THIRD STEP: You will be allowed to submit your 4k time(s) from April 20th-May 4th, so repeat steps 1 and 2. We will only use the best time for your final count. Winners will be announced on Arkansas 4-H social media, and through email at noon on May 5th. Age Division is based on your age as of January 1st.  If you have any issues or questions, please contact Amanda Welch at or 501-744-8284. Want to learn more about 4-H in your county? Click here to contact your county agent.

4k race

The 4th H Meeting Challenge (formerly called the Healthy Meeting Challenge) is a program that encourages clubs to make smarter eating and drinking choices. Clubs that choose to participate in this program, pledge to have healthy snack options and water each time they have a meeting.

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The first ever Arkansas 4-H Food Challenge!     

This year, the Arkansas 4-H Food Challenge will be held on Friday, May 29th, 2020 at the Pulaski Technical Culinary Arts College in Little Rock, AR. This is a great facility for young “future” chefs to get a “taste” for the culinary life.  

Registration will be through your local county extension office. Registration is available through your local extension office and is due by April 24th, 2020. For contacting your county office, check out this page with their information. There will be a $100 TEAM FEE. This will cover the cost of cooking ingredients and 4 team members to compete. Each team member will receive the 2020 Arkansas 4-H Food Challenge t-shirt. Payment must be made on or before registration deadline on April 24th.

Listed below are helpful resources to get your team started. Feel free to contact your local county extension office with any questions.

Helpful Resources 

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This fun physical activity dice game is a good way to get out of your normal routine and spice up your physical fitness game! Print out 2 of the die template below, write physical activities on one of them, and numbers on the other one! Watch the video for more instructions & an alternate way to play if you cannot print out or make your dice. 

Dice Fitness Video


Healthy Living Projects

Foods and Nutrition projects help participants learn to make healthy food choices and to reduce the risk of illness and disease. Learning experiences center on nutrition, menu planning, and food buying. Food preparation techniques and food safety are also emphasized in this project area. 


Projects in Food Preservation and Food Safety involve participants in learning and applying scientific principles of safe food handling to prevent food borne illness. Participants also learn food preservation skills and methods. 


Health and Fitness projects focus on activities promoting healthy lifestyles and a healthy self-image. Social, emotional, mental, and physical health are emphasized equally. Participants learn principles of nutrition and exercise as they relate to health, appearance, lifelong fitness, and wellness. 

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