Arkansas 4-H SeaPerch Challenge 2020

SeaPerch CompetitionThe Arkansas 4-H SeaPerch Challenge is held every year as a qualifier for the International SeaPerch Challenge.

This year, the Arkansas 4-H SeaPerch Challenge will be held on Friday, March 6, 2020 at the City of Bryant Bishop Park in Bryant, AR. This is a great indoor facility with room for practice and competitions.

Registration will be through your local county extension office. Registration is available through your local extension office and is due by February 19, 2020.  There will be a TEAM FEE will be $80. This will pay for 2-5 team members to compete with 1 ROV. Teams must purchase ROVs separately and bring to the competition pre-built. Each team member will receive the 2020 Arkansas 4-H SeaPerch Challenge t-shirt. We will have the Open, Junior Stock & Senior Stock Classes available. Payment must be made to your county extension office prior to the competition date on March 6.

SeaPerch Challenge

There are many resources available for the SeaPerch Challenge. Listed below are a few that have been found most useful. Click here for this year's webinar describing details about the SeaPerch program and the 2020 SeaPerch Challenge. Feel free to contact your local county extension office with any questions.

Our events wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for our volunteers. If you are willing to volunteer for the event click the button below to let us know you are interested! 

The 2020 Arkansas 4-H SeaPerch Challenge will have the following classes:

  • Junior Stock Class: This class is for Junior competitors (ages 9 - 14) that are competing in the stock class ($25 limit on modifications & limit to 3 SeaPerch thrusters)
  • Senior Stock Class: This class is for Senior competitors (ages 15 - 19) that are competing in the stock class ($25 limit on modifications & limit to 3 SeaPerch thrusters)
  • Open Class: This class is for Junior or Senior competitors (any age) that are competing in the open class (no budget or thruster restrictions)
For a complete breakdown of Classes and Design Rules click here.

The Arkansas 4-H SeaPerch Challenge will have 4 judging areas. Awards will be given to top 3 teams in each area for each classification. Scores will be combined to award Overall 1st , 2nd, & 3rd place for Junior Stock, Senior Stock, and Open Classes. 

  • Obstacle Course: ROV travels from edge of pool through a series of 5 hoops suspended in the water, surface at the end of the course and make the way back through the 5 hoops. This is a timed event from the moment leaving the pool wall until return to the pool wall. Best time of 2 runs will be used for placement.
  • Mission Course: The Mission course changes each year to reflect the International SeaPerch Challenge. For 2020, there are 4 components of Mission: Waterway Cleanup. The components include, the active mine, disposal vault, the garbage patch, and sunken waste. For more information see the details of the 2020 International Mission Course.. Scoring will be depending on accomplishing tasks for each of the components, click here for the rubric.
  • Presentations: 4-H strives to develop well-rounded individuals that excel in soft skills such as presentation and interviews. Each team will present their ROV to a panel of judges. Components of the presentation include introduction of team, design of the ROV, modifications to fulfill tasks, successes, challenges, engineering design process. Each member of the team must have a roll in the presentation (even if it is just introducing themselves). Click here for the rubric.   and the presentation guidelines
  • Technical Design Report: This is an updated version of the Engineering Notebook. This is now a 5 page (maximum) document that outlines the Engineering Design Process for the team. Check out these instructions for the report. Follow the rubric carefully to make sure you get all the easy points!

Lunch will not be provided for the competition. There will be a $5 Hot Dot plate lunch available for purchase at the Senior Center attached next door. There are many restaurants and fast food options available very close to the aquatic center. Be sure if your team leaves the aquatic center, they are back in time for their next judging slot and consider that the schedule may run faster or slower than planned. See list below:

 Alcoa Road

Buffalo Wild Wings


Dairy Queen



Moe's Southwest Grill

Slim Chickens

Sonic Drive-In


Taco Bueno

Tacos 4 Life


Reynolds Road


Don Chepe's Burritos

Jordans BBQ

Little Caesars


Sonic Drive-In


Volunteers are welcome for the competition but NOT a requirement. Let us know if you would like to volunteer for this year's competition. 


2020 Competition Details

Teams must check in at the registration desk upon arrival and have their ROV inspected. The inspection table will be located inside the pool area.

All teams will be given a number to rotate through each competitive event. 

Only 2 team members allowed on the pool deck during competition.

Complete Listing of Pool Rules

ROV Compliance Checklist

The obstacle course will be a series of 5 hoops that are approximately 18 inches in diameter. The hoops will be positioned 2-6 feet below the surface of the water.

Each team will have a maximum of 10 minutes to attempt 2 runs. Each run will start from the edge of the pool, passes through all 5 hoops, surface at the end of the course, then return back through the hoops to the starting position. The time will start when the ROV leaves the edge of the pool and will stop when it touches back at the starting edge.  The fastest run will be the time scored for judging. 

The team may call for a diver's assist. Each diver's assist will be a 2 minute penalty added to the final time of the run. 


 SeaPerch Waterway CleanupThe mission course is broken into 4 tasks that the teams can accumulate points for scoring. There is a maximum of 100 points with potential of bonus points for faster times.

This year's mission course is designed for a waterway cleanup. Teams will adapt their ROV design to assist with cleanup efforts. 

1. The Active Mine - A simulated mine must be deactivated under the water by rotating the arming device. Additional points may be obtained by removing the arming device and disposing on the platform.

2. The Disposal Vault - This is where teams will dispose of any sunken trash, mines, or the arming device. This includes opening the vault by rotating a latch to lift the gate and closing the vault by hooking an unexploded mine onto the gate. Additional points may be obtained by re-latching the gate.

3. The "Garbage Patch" - There will be a debris field that has multiple pieces of floating trash within a confined ring at the surface of the water. The trash must be removed and transported to the pool deck.

4. Sunken Waste - A platform submerged under water will have a variety of items to simulate trash and unexploded mines. Teams will pick up the items and deposit them on the disposal platform in the disposal vault. Teams do not have to go through the vault gate but can gain additional points if they choose this route.

Teams accumulate points according to the scoresheet. If teams have the same score, then placement will default to the team who finished in less time. Teams may also ask for a diver assist. Each divers assist will result in a 2-minute penalty.

Mission Course Scoresheet

The Engineering Notebook has been replaced with the Technical Design Report. This report is a 5 page maximum report with the following sections.

1. Abstract (1/2 page)

2. Task Overview (1/2 page)

3. Design Approach (2 pages)

4. Experimental Results (1 page)

5. Reflection & Next Steps (1 page)

6. Acknowledgements (no page limit)

7. References (no page limit)

Be sure to check the resources below for full details of the report and the rubric. Be sure to check the rubric for those EASY points!

Technical Design Report Details  Report RUBRIC

Each team will have a presentation to a panel of judges. The presentation will be 3-5 minutes with up to 5 minutes of Q&A time from the judges. Each member of the team must have a speaking portion of the presentation. Presentations must include an introduction of the team members, design of ROV, modifications to their design, challenges and successes of the building of their ROV, testing results, and individual contributions. No visual aids other than their SeaPerch ROV will be permitted for the presentation.

Presentaion Information Sheet  Presentation Rubric

2020 Competition Results

Junior - Madisygarjack, Grant County Sea Perch trophy and medal awards

  • Sydney M.
  • Jackson F.
  • Garrett K.
  • Madison A.

Junior - Trumpinators, Madison County

  • Colton E.
  • Trevor E.
  • Brayden K.

Senior - RoboClovers, Madison County

  • Laven F.
  • Austin F. 
  • Tucker S. 

1st Place: Madisygarjack, Grant County

2nd Place: Trumpinators, Madison County

3rd Place: Turbo Flare, Grant County

1st Place: RoboClovers, Madison County

2nd Place: Swimming Goats, Howard County

3rd Place: Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies, Grant County

1st Place: Turbo Flare, Grant County

2nd Place: Trumpinators, Madison County

3rd Place: Robotic Bandits, Lawrence County

1st Place: Swimming Goats, Howard County

2nd Place: Bryant High School, Saline County

3rd Place: RoboClovers, Madison County

1st Place: Bethel Middle School, Saline County

2nd Place: Madisygarjack, Grant County

3rd Place: Sea Cows, Grant County

1st Place: Crittenden Aquatics 1, Crittenden County

2nd Place: RoboClovers, Madison County

3rd Place: Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies, Grant County

1st Place: Madisygarjack, Grant County

2nd Place: Poseidon, Grant County

3rd Place: Trumpinators, Madison County

1st Place: RoboClovers, Madison County

2nd Place: Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies, Grant County

3rd Place: Swimming Goats, Howard County

1st Place: Turbo Flare, Grant County

2nd Place: Bethel Middle School, Saline County

3rd Place: Poseidon, Grant County

1st Place: War Sloths, Howard County

2nd Place: Crittenden Aquatics 1, Crittenden County

3rd Place: RoboClovers, Madison County


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