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COVID-19 Notes:

The AR 4-H Camps office has returned to the office on a limited basis.  When not in the office we will be working remotely.  The best way to contact me will still be via email, Messenger, cell phone/text.  
UPDATE:  We have been monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and will continue to do so.  As of right now we will not be holding any face to face camps until further notice.  We are still hosting our virtual camp sessions monthly now that school is back in session.  See more details below.  While virtual camps are not ideal because they don't provide the in person connections that make camp important we want to continue to serve our camp families to the best of our abilities during this time.  We are making our decisions in order to keep our camp families and staff healthy and safe.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  
We are still hosting #AR4HCampfireFriday. Snap a pic during your family campfires and post a pic using #AR4HCampfireFriday. 
We had been hosting a Virtual Campfire monthly throughout the Spring & Summer.  We hosted our final Virtual Campfire of the summer on July 24.  We will continue to host Virtual Campfires but on a less frequent basis.  Check back for dates and times.  
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Upcoming Virtual Camp Sessions

We are hosting a Virtual Baking/Decorating Camp for 4-H Members (Nov. 6-8).  The camp will be open to 4-H'ers ages 5-19.  Members should have appropriate adult supervision/assistance as we will be cooking/cutting/etc.  We will be baking a variety of products and decorating some of those items.  Camp sessions will be conducted via Zoom.  
There will be 2 fee options available:
  • $75 - includes camp products and some decorating materials
  • Free - does not include any materials
  • Both options will need to provide your own food materials, cooking materials, etc. 
    • A list will be sent out after the registration deadline.
Registration is OPEN through the Event & Enrollment System.  The deadline to register is Oct. 23.


Virtual Camp Sessions

We have transitioned form weekly to monthly Virtual Camp Sessions.  These sessions will be on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 4pm at least through December.  I will post a supplies list at least 1 week in advance.  These sessions are open to anyone who would like to join.  I am also working on posting follow up videos to each of the sessions.  You can find information about past sessions on our Virtual Camps page.    Check back for information about our next session.

Be sure to keep supplies out of reach of small children or pets.  Youth be sure to get permission/supervision when using items that could be harmful or extremely messy (scissors/lighters/paint/etc.).

Session Date:  November 19, 2020 @ 4pm CST
Supplies Needed:
 ~ Wire Wreath Frame - 14"
 ~ 2-3 Colors of Deco Mesh - 6" wide, 10 yards each

Session Date:  December 17, 2020 @ 4pm CST
More information coming soon.

Outdoor Cooking Series

This series is designed to help you learn how to cook over a campfire.  It focuses on techniques rather than recipes.  While we explain the recipe we use, we know that you may have your own and would like you to encourage you to take your favorite at home recipes with you to the campfire.  Cooking over the campfire with cast iron may seem like a daunting task with limited options on what you can cook.  However, if you take your time and manage your heat the possibilities are endless.  Be safe when cooking especially over an open fire.  Happy cooking!

This session focuses on the what to consider when setting up a campfire and the basic steps on setting up your campfire ring.

This session focuses on starting your campfire.

This session focuses on some of the tools you might need when cooking on a campfire.

This session focuses on some basics relating to using cast iron when cooking on a campfire.

This session focuses on cooking some basics on a campfire grill.  We will be cooking steak, potatoes, and corn on the cob.

This session focuses on cooking some more basics on a campfire grill.  We will be cooking bacon, eggs, biscuits, and gravy.

This session is still fairly basic.  We will utilize the dutch oven in two different ways, our rack, and a skillet.  We wll be cooking beef stew, peach cobbler, and corn bread.

This session will utilize the dutch oven as an oven again.  It is a quick easy breakfast with very little cleanup.  We will be cooking muffins.

Pancakes are an easy breakfast option and can be cooked on a variety of surfaces.  In this session we will be cooking pancakes on a dutch oven lid.  By utilizing your lids in different ways you potentially can reduce the amount of equipment you take with you.

In this session we will use techniques we have already discussed.  However, what we are cooking may seem a little more complicated.  We will be cooking lasagna and garlic bread in this session.

In this session we will be utilizing the skillit again.  This recipe is fairly simple but it will help you expand your comfort in cooking over a campfire.  We will be cooking stuffed crust pizza.

The Arkansas 4-H State Camping Program offers camping and training opportunities for youth 5-19 years old and adults.  We offer both day camp and overnight camping, at the C. A. Vines Arkansas 4-H Center, 10 miles west of Little Rock.  We have canoeing, swimming, archery, fishing, rock climbing, high ropes challenge course, off-site adventure camping, and more!
Camps take place at the Arkansas 4-H Center 
Campers will enjoy: 
  • 228 acres in the Ouachita Mountains near Little Rock
  • Air-Conditioned/Heated Lodging 
  • Lake for Canoeing and Fishing
  • Swimming Pool
  • Prepared meals with breakfast bar and salad bar

Parents/Volunteers are welcome to attend most of our camps (unless noted as youth only) for the same fee as the youth.  Parents/Volunteers wanting to attend camp will need to complete the volunteer leader screening process.  This usually takes several weeks to be processed so please start the process early.  Contact your county agent on how to begin.

SCHOLARSHIPS for 4-H Members are available.  Scholarships will be awarded based on need and funding availability.  Application will be available soon. 

We offer camps with a wide range of learning opportunities. From wilderness adventure to crafts, our 4-H camping program has it all.

Registration will open approximately 1 month prior to registration deadline.  All camps are held at the AR 4-H Center unless otherwise noted.   

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