Arkansas 4-H State Officers


Arkansas 4-H State Officers

Top Leaders in the State!

The Arkansas 4-H State Officer Team provides statewide leadership for youth, adult volunteers, supporters, and more. The state officers: 

  • Serve as leaders and role models for 4-H youth and adults 4H Logo
  • Advocate for Arkansas 4-H
  • Provide input for enhancing the 4-H program in Arkansas
  • Provide educational opportunities to 4-H members and leaders 
  • Connect the County, District, and State levels of Arkansas 4-H 
  • Represent the youth audience to the Arkansas 4-H Foundation

Elected during the summer at O-Rama competitions (both District and State), the Arkansas 4-H State Officer Team serves for a full year. Arkansas 4-H Youth vote in seven of their peers to represent Arkansas 4-H. The officers are inducted each year at the annual Arkansas 4-H State O-Rama Closing Ceremony. The seven positions include President, First Vice-President, Secretary, Reporter, Ouachita District Vice President, Ozark District Vice President, and Delta Distrcit Vice President.

How to become an Arkansas 4-H State Officer

Arkansas 4-H members interested in becoming a state officer should discuss so with their local County Educator, consider the time commitment required, must be a current Arkansas 4-H Ambassador, complete an application, and attend the State Officer Candidate Review held each Spring. The review process allows for candidates to be put into scenarios that mimic situations that the 4-H State Officer Team encounters throughout the year. This includes storytelling, interview, impromptu speaking, and a formal meal with networking. 

The Arkansas 4-H State Officer application for 2021 is now closed.

State Officer Candidate Application

2020-2021 Officer Team

Faith Fritch - President

4H Logo

Faith Fritch is 18 years old and is from Benton County. Her main project is Arts and Humanities with a focus on Performing Arts, and her other projects are shooting sports, animal science, and leadership. She is a seasoned vocalist and violinist, which is her focus in her main project. She also enjoys shooting sports, and has participated and placed in state and national competitions. Faith is a student at Henderson State University where she is pursuing a degree in Psychology. She looks forward to serving and sharing her love for 4-H through events and camps, she enjoys serving as a camp counselor throughout the summer at the Arkansas 4-H Center. Faith’s main goal as President is to see the possibilities in the current situation rather than seeing the limitations. One of Faith’s favorite quotes is by John C. Maxwell and it says, “No one stands taller in the climb to success than when he bends over to help up someone else.”







President, Brent Clark

Steven Stout - 1st Vice President

Steven Stout is an 18 year old 4-Her from Independence County where he is a member of the Southside Club and Teens Club. His main project is Citizenship and in that project, he works at a food pantry once a week and leads a state wide community service project. Some of Steven’s proudest awards are State Record Book Winner and the State Parliamentary Procedure 1st place team. Steven is looking forward to the rest of his 4-H Journey and continuing to add on to his 4-H story as the Arkansas 4-H First Vice President; this is definitely a story he will share for the entirety of his life. 

First VP, Sierra Burnett

Clayton Stark - Secretary

Clayton Stark hails from Lonoke County, Arkansas, is a senior at Lonoke High School, and a member of the Wild Hog 4-H Club. Clayton is an only child but what he lacks in siblings, he makes up for with animals. He has been a 4-H member for 8 years and his main project is Animal Science. Clayton is currently serving as the Arkansas 4-H Secretary; his main goal as Secretary is to promote 4-H across Arkansas and reach out to not only members but future members to let them know why 4-H is a great organization to be a part of!

Clayton Stark

Zarah Dean - Reporter

Zarah Dean hails from Franklin County, Arkansas and is 17 years old; she is currently a senior at Ozark High School. Zarah has been an Arkansas 4-H member for 10 years, her main project is Arts & Humanities, she is also active in the Food & Nutrition, Health & Fitness, and Leadership projects. As the 2020-2021 Arkansas 4-H Reporter, Zarah hopes to serve as an inspiration to other 4-Hers to take positions of leadership within the organization!

Ouachita District VP, Eva Berryhill

Aubrey Seymour - Ouachita District Vice President

Aubrey Seymour, once a shy little 4-Her who wouldn’t speak to a single soul, is now your Ouachita District Vice President for 2020-2021. Aubrey is 17 years old, has been in 4-H for 10 years, and is a member of the Lakeside 4-H Club. Her main project is Foods and Nutrition, but she loves community service and public speaking as well. Aubrey’s goal as an Arkansas 4-H State Officer is to expand her love of 4-H and compassion for others by getting more of the “shy ones” involved in the program, just like her!

Ozark District VP, Cody Ogden

Aaron Mahan - Ozark District Vice President

Aaron Mahan is a 17 year old from Madison County, Arkansas and is  your current Ozark District Vice President. Aaron’s main project is Sheep, but he has other projects of Animal Science, Shooting Sports, and Leadership. He lives on a farm with his family, they raise Club Lambs, Dairy Goats. Aaron is proud to have shown all species of livestock and he has competed in District, State, and even National Shooting Competitions. As an Arkansas 4-H State Officer, Aaron hopes to be someone that other 4-Hers can come to for anything from project help to general advice!

Secretary, Chase Blum

Molly Gaskin - Delta District Vice President

This year’s Delta District Vice President, Molly Gaskin, is a 17 year old high school senior from White County, Arkansas. She has been in 4-H for 12 years, is a member of the Velvet Ridge 4-H Club, and her main project is Dairy Cattle. Molly lives on a farm with her parents and 4 brothers and sisters where she raises milking short horns and dairy goats. She loves riding horses, anything outdoorsy, and being with her family. Molly looks forward to helping her fellow Delta District and all 4-Hers achieve goals and climb mountains they thought were too steep!

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