Arkansas 4-H State Officers

Arkansas 4-H State Leadership

Arkansas 4-H Youth vote in seven of their peers each summer to represent Arkansas 4-H for the year. The officers are inducted each year at the annual Arkansas 4-H State O-Rama activities. The seven positions include President, First Vice-President, Delta District Vice-President, Ouachita District Vice-President, Ozark District Vice-President, Secretary, and Reporter. 

District Vice-Presidents are elected during each corresponding 4-H District O-Ramas and the remaining positions are elected during Arkansas 4-H State O-Rama. Candidates campaign throughout the summer at events such as O-Rama and Teen Leader Conference. 

Arkansas 4-H members interested in becoming a state officer must be a current Arkansas 4-H Ambassador, complete an application, and attend the State Officer Candidate Review held each spring. The review process allows for candidates to be put into scenarios that mimic situations that the 4-H State Officer Team encounters throughout the year. This includes storytelling, interview, impromptu speaking, and a formal meal. 

2020-2021 Team

Faith Fritch, President

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Steven Stout, First Vice Presdient 

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Clayton Stark, Secretary

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Zarah Dean, Reporter

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Aubrey Seymour, Ouachita District Vice President

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Aaron Mahan, Ozark District Vice President

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Molly Gaskin, Delta District Vice President 

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